May 29, 2012


Find out more about it here.


Big Boi Bastian said...

Nice looking rig, however the IK/FK switches on the arms and legs dont work.

Scottie said...

Hi, love the rig, but I have 2 requests.
1) I can't get the feet to do a good curve for walking, so the walk looks flat footed; Like the elbow of the arms, the ball of the foot needs a rotation wheel.
2) I like making games, and need to practice my player animations and programming; I think she would be perfect for it, but she has only bones in her arms; could you give her a full skeletal system; she gets crushed by physics without it.
I love the way she looks, and yes you would get full credit in any game she appears in. If you feel that there is a better rig character to use for this, please let me know.
I will check back on this form every few days for your reply.

Scottie said...

I may have made a mistake about the lack of bones; the picture posted for this has full bones, but mine dose not, so I think something is wrong with my copy. I will investigate it. Sorry.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I am only pointing to where you can find the rigs, I didn't create them nor can I modify them, sorry.