Mar 25, 2019

Grey Matter Gary

More info here. (their link is not always working; I contacted them and they're looking into it)


Anonymous said...

I was exited at first with this rig. The controls work nicely. Excellent face controls. Super flexible. You can really push those poses. Hands are amazing! The problem comes when you are trying to polish your animation. At the polish stage, this rig seems to slow down to a crawl.
No pupils, so I added a couple of simple pupils on mine. Also, no nose, but that is easily fixed. There's plenty of nice looking female rigs (Lou,Ruby, Rocket Girl), but there are not that many appealing MALE rigs available for free, which is a shame. Lots of rigs but, not exactly as appealing as the female rigs I've mentioned. And recruiters are tired of looking at Malcolm. Anyway, hopefully this rig may get some sort of update so that it gets a little faster.

Anonymous said...

Actually I had to add the pupils. The nose can be pulled out using existing controls. It was a fast rig until I got to the polishing part. It got really slow when I was doing the polish. Exceedingly slow! Unfortunately, cause I kinda like it!