Aug 31, 2009


Find out more about it here.
This rig is tricky because it is so similar to Bishop from Animation Mentor. I wouldn't recommend using it for a demo reel piece but practice only. 

Aug 28, 2009


Find out more about it here.

As noted in the comments section you will have to work with the original file in order to be able to render it. Referencing the file won't work.

Highend3D switches to

... and as a result, none of the links work anymore. Way to go Highend3D... no link forwarding?

I'll update the links on a daily basis. Thanks for your patience.

Looks like it has been updated. I will still go through the links and make sure it all works, but at least now I don't have to hurry anymore.

Aug 27, 2009

Simple Bot

Find out more about it here.

Kyle Balda masterclass rigs

[UPDATE:] You can download the rigs from here. Thanks Michael for the tip!

These rigs are not exactly free, you get them with the 3D World magazine, but still, you get a lot of good material with the magazine.

More about the lip-synching can be found @

And more animation videos about it here.