Oct 21, 2008


I added "abxPicker" to the MEL section. Definitely a handy tool to speed up your workflow. More details:

abxPicker provides artists, animators, and character TDs with an intuitive interface for creating and using custom character control interfaces. Using drag and drop, you can create, position, resize, and edit buttons to select character controls.


* Quickly create layouts using easy drag and drop interface
* Supports background image style, or simplified iconographic layouts
* Auto assign default tools like move and rotate to controls
* Key selection sets with a single button
* Create Toggle buttons for visibility or IK/FK switching or other
* Data is stored in scene nodes for easy portability
* Import/Export to other rigs
* Supports Shift-click to add to selection and ctrl-click to subtract from selection list
* Works with character referencing, rename prefixes and namespacing for pipeline integration
* Only one .mel file (easy to install)
* Includes Test Scene File to try out