Oct 1, 2011

Carter and Todd Todlinger

More info and access to the characters can be found at youanimator.com. They're free, but you will have to sign up. After you did, head over to the Downloads section or follow the banners.

Sep 28, 2011


This looks like a fantastic rig! Agree to the terms set by Animschool and download the rig here.

Sep 18, 2011


Find out more about the rig here, which will also give you a download link.


Find out more about the rig at joshburton.com

Then there's the "Making Morphy Your Own" tutorial video:

Morpheus Rig 102 - "Making Morphy Your Own" from Josh Burton on Vimeo.
There is also a tutorial about "Changing the body texture", over at the 11secondclub forum!

Here's another tutorial: