Sep 30, 2019

Thep - Rig Review


More info here, download here.

  • Full body rig with a non-switch IK/FK spine system
  • Bendy arms and legs
  • Smear control for hands and feet
  • Hands UI with fingers pose presets
  • Full facial rig 
  • Head squash and stretch
  • Detachable head with a space switcher – Neck/World
  • Personality switcher for the eyes – Normal/Evil
  • Personality switcher for the teeth – Normal/Evil
  • Extra set of legs with visibility and taper control separately for leg and foot
  • Extra set of arms with visibility and taper control separately for upper arm, forearm and hand
  • Extra set of eyes with visibility control
  • Fully rigged extra head with visibility control
  • Extra cloth string with the Mgear spring system

Apr 1, 2019


More info here.

Azri body picker can be downloaded from here (install the Animschool's picker plug-in here)

Basic rig info is here and more advanced info is here.

Mar 25, 2019

Grey Matter Gary

More info here. (their link is not always working; I contacted them and they're looking into it)