Mar 12, 2008

Ball with Legs

Update: seems like the link is dead now? I'll try to find a copy that I can upload.

You can download the file from mutinystudios. I found it via, which links to that zip file.

The mutinystudios site however does not have a page or link to that character. I didn't see any disclaimers on their site nor on David's, but if this rig is not for public use, please let me know.

The rig reminds me of the ball with leg character from Animation Mentor. This one comes with Footroll, Toepivot and Toetap controlls on the feet, as well as Stretch, Bend, Bendrotate for the body and Legstretchers.

Included as well are shaders for a nice render out of the box. Here you can see a test animation.


Anonymous said...

hi, is still available?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hmmm... zip seems empty now. You can contact him through his site and ask for it I guess. Thanks for letting me know!