Mar 28, 2008

Mr. Inspired

[Looks like the publisher changed or something, but all the links went dead. Not sure if you still have access to the files online.] 6/12/10

No AB review yet.

This rig is quite old by now, but it's still working fine. Don't expect any fancy stretchy IKs, there isn't even a facial setup, besides a jaw up/down function. But it's light and fast and would work well for physical animation or learning mechanics.

Go to Premiere Press Books' page for "Inspired 3D Character Setup". You get the rig for free if you buy the book, but they also let you download it without getting the book. Click on the "Downloads" link and it will bring you down to a list of downloads. You get MEL scripts, Models and Rigs.

I recommend the link to the full hires (unrigged) model,

You have to rig it yourself of course, but there are free auto-rig setups online (there's a really good one, but the name escapes me right now... something with skeleton...).
One that I haven't tried is Supercrumbly's "abAutoRig 1.9.1".

Or you get the rigged version, which is lo-res (just do a "smooth" poly for the head).

The link for this rig is here. You can always parent the hi-res geometry to the lo-res rig, but again, no facial setup besides the jaw up/down, unless you create your own blendshapes using the hi-res head, which could be fun.

The rig file is named chapter16, so I'll just give it the lame name Mr. Inspired. :)


Sigadgetiz said...

i like your blog.. verry inspiratif.. good joob.. godbless u.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Thanks! :)