Nov 5, 2009


Find out more about it here.

For an animation example, check out the post on Spungella.

It's very fun rig to use, the setup is good! I wish the hip controller would just affect the hips and not rotate the spine above, unless there is some setting that I missed.


sajeev sebastian said...


Anonymous said...

I wanted the upper body to move when I rotated the hips, so I changed the IK/FK settings. But now everything above the hips rotate with the hips except for the head and hands, and I cannot figure out how to fix that!

Do you know of any description or tutorials of the make-up of this character?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Sorry, I don't...

Jimanim said...

I have downloaded your rig and so far I think it's very nice but just one problem, the position of your pole vectors is wrong and they are not parented locally to the leg IK control. I positioned them in front of the leg and parented them as I stated and now if I want to forward translate the rig off the all trans curve there are no problems.

Thanks again for sharing a wonderful character.

Kind Regards,

Jimanim said...

Sorry to be such a pain, but the pole vectors for arms also need to be aprented locally to the IK arm controls, or when you try to translate the rig forwards off the alltrans curve the pole vectors will remain with the all trans curve in the world centre and not move with the character. These issues need to be addressed before any serious animation can begin.

Hope this helps anyone trying to animate it.